RC Helicopters: The Pilot’s Essentials

by Pilot

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    Product Description

    The best comprehensive guide to Rc Helicopters to date with most of the information a pilot needs to enjoy all that this hobby has to offer. This guide will help you to learn how to fly, repair and modify your helicopter.

    This book is for you if you:

    • If you want to learn how to effectively fly your helicopter

    • If you want to increase your piloting skills

    • Do you always have difficulty finding the parts needed for your helicopter?

    • Don’t know what to look for when you need to make repairs on you copter?

    • Don’t know what helicopter to choose if it is your first buy?

    • Don’t know what types of helicopters you do get on the market, and what to choose from?

    • Don’t know what kind of tools you need for modifications.

    • Don’t know what spare parts you can exchange or modify your broken parts with.

    This book covers most of the topics to help guide you to enjoy all the benefits this hobby has to offer!

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